Monday, December 6, 2010

Keeping with it

I just wanted to say that I'm on and off with this photo stuff and a lot of it is due to the nature of my schedule and the fact that coming home from work involves a 4 hr drive. With that on it's way out I hope to be shooting lots more and expanding and adding depth to the content of my portfolio. So after the first of the year if there is anything you'd like some help with or to just go out shooting, by all means, let me know!

Just a little something new from me!


Motivation via Text

Well it seems as some people do read this and I got a helpful nudge from someone (Thanks Issac!) tonight. Apparently they were tired of looking at the same pictures on the top post! I really do need to post more seeing that I do spend quite a bit of time just staring blankly at the Internet.

I've had a little bit of time off over the past 2 weeks. Some of it was burning off vacation/holiday time I would loose this year and some of it was getting things ready to go in out upcoming move.

In case you didn't know we'll be leaving the Charleston area at the end of this year and permanently locating somewhere west of Greenville, SC. For the time being I am renting until we find the right house to get in to. This will also give Dawn a chance to make a smooth transition into unemployment get to know the area and get our house rented out in Charleston.

So, during my time off I have been spending a lot of time with the family and trying to make up for a lot of lost time. I've been cooking a lot of dinner and chasing the baby around. She's 18 months old now and is a handful to keep up with. This next little smattering is what we've been into.

We went to Bee City Petting Zoo in Cottageville, SC
(Yes, she's petting an alligator)

Checking out the natives

The grocery store is also a racetrack

We read before bed on most nights

More wheel time

Still need a little practice. If you can't tell, I'm being run over here

"Oh no! It's the cops!"

Getting ready for "Night Night"

A little bit of playtime at the mall food court, or as I like to call it, "The Germ Factory"

I couldn't decide between "Get in the chopppaaahh!" or "It crashed because it was named Firefox."

"This is the last time I pick up a hitch hiker... He will not shut up!"

"Put these in the dishwasher. I was using them to beat the dogs."

Thank goodess for bokeh... (I think very few people will get this)

Happy Holidays and we'd love to hear from you!