Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 July - August (current)

Alas, I am caught up with the exception of a few more focused posts, which will come here shortly.



New Ride


Tractor Operator

Some Flowers

Same Picture but tried a little something different with the Post Processing
And so it begins....

Your Inbox is full

Fun time

The Neighbor's Steak

Motive Beef

Marty Hugs



Nice cow

Master of the treats

Alright, hopefully I'll have time to update some more posts tomorrow.

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2011 April - June

Once again an update from the past. I'm pretty sure I'm defeating the purpose of a blog if all my updates are anything but current news. Oh well...

On to the pics!


We got a contract on a house. Just had a lot of pictures from the Inspection. You get a picture of where you can poop if you come to visit.




Haiden turned 2 this month.. Time is flying by.

A day at the Park

Hard at work


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GA Aquarium

Oh man, if you have not been to this place... It is a must see. We are now Annual Pass holders because it is one of those places that you cannot take it all in, in one visit. I would say to try to go on a non-busy day but those do not happen here. Every single person traveling to Atlanta, it seems, goes here and just wonders around in awe.

Some tips for visiting the GA Aquarium  (or any aquarium for that matter):
-Be ready to deal with crowds
-Bring $$. It seems expensive, but realize the cost of maintaining such a large facility and keeping all the animals healthy.
-Be courteous. Being nice goes a long way. Maybe it is a regional thing but you can almost tell when someone is from the South at places like this. There is a lot of non-verbal communication. A subtle head nod or smile goes a long way when dealing with others in such mass quantity. There are many instances of poorly trained children running a muck here. Understand that it is most likely the result of poorly trained parents. Also, some people are just rude. Let them have their way and venture on ahead of you. Places like this are better viewed at your leisure anyways (and if you are lucky a penguin might figure out a way to crap on them over the glass wall).
-Learn your camera. If you are taking pictures through a glass wall, realize that your pop-up flash will render all your pictures worthless, unless you just like looking a picture that resembles something like what you'd see if you went outside at noon and looked straight at the Sun.
-Get the nachos. Probably the best buy here the GA Aquarium's Diner. They put basically anything you want on them and if I remember correctly, they set you back about $4.50.

On to some Pics!

This first shot is something special to me. When I saw the light from the porthole I decided I needed this picture. Then when I saw the replay in the camera I got excited because I knew I nailed it, or at least I hoped. It was almost like waiting for Christmas to get home and throw it on the big screen. I am more than happy with it and as of right now, it is my favorite picture of Dawn and Haiden. I hope you like it. (oh and that is a Whale Shark just to give some perspective to the shot)

More portholes (and a Manta Ray)!

Sea Turtles are friendly

Something something six million gallons....

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2011 January - March

Since I'm running behind a month or eight I'll just break these up into manageable sessions. These Pictures are a few of my favorites from January through March of 2011. Feel free to explore the rest of my photos at my Flickr page.


Fire Brigade
A part of my real job is being part of the Station's Fire Brigade. These are a few pictures from our Annual Training at Gaston College in Gastonia, NC.

A little Barnum & Bailey Action


Old School Toys

Snow Days

Bad hair @ 14mm!

Baby Kisses

A long neck

Stand Off

Running into the Sun

Black Glass


Ultra Macro
(I know it does not look like much but this little guy was about 2.5mm across. This was shot on my 105mm macro with a tube)

Hey Goat!

So Big!

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A Plug

I just wanted to plug a website that has really taken me to "the next level" with what I am doing here. They have motivated me to get better and become more creative with what I am doing. I cannot say that I have been able to learn more anywhere else; from any book, magazine or website than I have from the Guys and Gals over at NEW SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY.

I certainly hope I have not peaked because I'm not happy with where I am at with my camera work (photography seems like a pretentious word) but wherever I am going and where I have come from in the last two years could not have been accomplished without their help.

So, if you'd like to join a community of photo geeks and have a little fun at the same time, come over to newschoolofphotography.

I'd also like to say a public "Thanks!" to Ben Jacobsen who owns/runs/maintains the website and is a great Photographer. You can check out his personal website HERE.

Thanks Again for everything Guys!

It's 2011 already?

Well it's been like 8 or 9 months since I've posted anything. Life has been hectic to say the least and from this vantage point it's not going to slow down any time soon.

I have been shooting and if you look at my Flickr I'm uploading about once a month. Moving at the speed of sound huh?

As far as personal things go, we've bought a new house outside the bustling metropolis of Westminster, SC.. A stone's throw to Georgia. It's nice little place with lots of wood paneling.
It's like a wood bathtub right?

Speaking of bathtubs, Check out this behemoth IN THE MASTER BEDROOM! (It's like a honeymoon suite in Gatlinburg, TN)

Oh, another acquisition has been a tractor! We've got about 12 acres to keep up with so a push mower was not going to cut it. It has been a steep learning curve, but I've still not managed to mangle or kill myself or anyone else... Yet. Amazingly enough I do not have a picture of it. I'll see about fixing that at some point in the future.

There is more stuff that will be coming out later, so keep tuned!