Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 Mug Review

Well I finally bit the bullet and found somewhere that shipped one of these things to my doorstep for $25. (Here). It took about 2.5 weeks, was mailed from Hong Kong and labeled as toys to evade taxes.

So far so good. The 1st gens I saw were OK but a lot was left to be desired. They had plastic inserts and leaked a fair amount. The finish was shiny and the labeling was no where close to the real Nikon lens.

I finally saw the new 3rd generation version and a few pics from the website and with the reduction to $25 shipped I decided to order.

I want to give my impressions of this and a few tech specs that aren't really mentioned anywhere that I could find. I'll put the pictures at the end of the post.

Q: Does it actually hold liquid?
A: Yes, quite well I might add. My version has a stainless steel liner.

Q: Does it leak?
A: Not so far. The lens cap is threaded and has a silicone gasket on the underside where it meets the lip of the cup. I put water in it ans shook it around for a bit and nothing leaked out.

Q: How long will it keep coffee hot?
A: I am actually finishing up running my test on it right now. I started out with 180F water in a 72F room with the lid off. It has taken 29 minutes to reach 125F which is still acceptable for hot beverages.

Q: How much does it hold?
A: About 12 oz with room to spare at the top. This will get you into a "Tall" beverage at Starbucks.

Q: Does it attract attention?
A: The baristas at my local Sbux got a kick out of it. I have yet to take it to work with me. Hopefully I can get it through security with no issues.

Q: How does it compare to the real deal?
A: As far as aesthetics are concerned, it's pretty darn close. There are little things here and there and the finish isn't quite right but these are things you wouldn't notice at all unless you've spent a fair amount of time with a real 24-70mm. You'd be hard pressed to pick one from another at 5 ft. Look at the pictures below to judge for yourself.

Q: Does it mount to a body?
A: No, I tried.

Q: Does the end cap come off?
A: Yes. I am afraid of loosing mine so I might be epoxying mine on later.

Q: Do the switches and zoom rings work?
A: No. Not on my model. I have seen copies that did zoom and the M/A switch worked but they were the lower quality finishes. Not something I had to have. I'd rather have a higher quality finish than a zoom function.

Q: Would you buy it again?
A: In short, Yes.

Anyways, if you have more questions, ASK! I hope this helped and I can only say good things about the company I ordered through. Their order process was quick and painless and I got Email replies withing 24 hrs when I asked questions.

I really think Nikon and Canon are really missing out on something by not producing these things themselves.

On to the pics!

(See it is hard to tell!)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Little Different

Just a little something different than my normal. Let me know what you think.

Large version can be found HERE.


Riverbanks Zoo

We took a little day trip up to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC a few weeks back.

Riverbanks is pretty nice and a great way to spend a day looking at animals and enjoying the outdoors. We mainly like it because it's half price with our Charleston Aquarium membership. So for about $13 all 3 of us get in. I'm sure you could get meals and drinks for the day and only be out another $30 or so. So, not too horrible.

Anyways, I just wanted to share a few pictures. Enjoy!

Colorful Bird







Monkeys on a Merry-Go-Round

Feeding Goats


Running around

Giraffe Lunch

Well I hope you enjoyed them! Leave me a comment!


15 Months

Where did all the time go? Haiden is 15 months old now. That's about 60 weeks or 450 days. It is amazing that time has gone so fast. It also makes me sad that I've had to miss so much of it because of work.

If I could give advice to anyone considering taking a job that requires you to live somewhere else, no matter for how long, how far or how often you'd be able to make it back, DON'T! It's simply not worth it. Any extra money I've made has been lost in commuting and struggling to make up for lost time by throwing money at issues. That's the minor part. I have missed so much in her growth and development. There isn't a price that you could attach to that.

We've recently set up so that we can video conference about once a day. Haiden seems to get a kick out of it for a few minutes and I like the fact that I can see her on a more daily basis. But overall it's not the same.

Anyways, enough of me moping about with all my issues. On to some facts. Haiden can say a few words now. Included in this list are mama, daaadda, doggies, more, milk, nanas, yuck and mess. I'm sure there are a few more that I've missed. She's up and climbing on stuff and gradually learning how to let herself down off of things. She's starting to walk a lot faster and kind of run. She's not great at turning and that has led to a few bumps and falls. We might have to home school her (ref:Jim Brewer).

The last Dr's appointment she was weighing in at about 25.5 pounds and growing out of her 24 month clothes.

All and all things are happening fast and it seems like I'm stuck on the sidelines getting blown by. I'm hoping to spend a lot more time with her and Dawn in the next few months and once they get moved up here never ever decide to be a professional commuter.

On to a few new pictures:
New Hat?  (Just Click for a bigger version)

On the Couch watching The Lawrence Welk Show

Tube Dreams

The Last Drop

Pretty Cute

Up Close and Personal

Let me know what you think and enjoy the seasonal transition into Fall!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Katie and Gavin

I had the opportunity a while back to do an Engagement/Save-the-Date shoot with Katie and Gavin. We decided to hit up Mt. Pleasant early on a Saturday morning. We first shot along the docks on Shem Creek and behind Vickerys. We then ran down the road and took a few shots outside of Mike's Bikes before we melted in the hot summer sun.

I really appreciate the fact that I was given the chance to get these done for them. They are a beautiful couple and I'm sure will have beautiful little girls and handsome young lumberjacks (beard joke) one day!

You can find the whole set HERE.

It was hard for me not to post all of these. It was a fun time and I wish Katie and Gavin nothing but the best in their upcoming wedding in New Mexico and future lives together!


Just for a little fun!

Best New Music of 2010?

Just wanted to share my favorite new addition to my auditory collection. Mumford and Sons .

Every song on their new record "Sigh No More" makes me happy. I guess there is a lot to be said for that. Go ahead and check out their website and YouTube Channel. May I also recommend their Book Store Sessions on YouTube?

If anyone is looking for gift suggestions, how about some tickets to any of the Atlanta, Knoxville or Nashville shows. :P