Personal Page

This is a page where I post personal pictures. Most of these will be of my family. The majority of the focus on the growth and development of my daughter, Haiden; who was born June 20th 2009.

This is a look into what has been going on in our lives and the adventures we've had.


Haiden's First Day!

1st Dr's Appointment

Haiden Meets Wrigley

Haiden's First Bath (kitchen sink, of course)

Spending Some Time in the Sun

Up and at em!

Self Photo with Haiden

Asleep with Mommy

Baby Toes

Tanning on the lawn

What's going on here?




Zombie Baby eats Daddy's Brain

Glowing Musical Seahorse

Wake Up!

Looking at You

On the floor

Momma Haiden and Dawn

DawnHaiden and Myself

Haiden with June and Conley

Mary and Haiden

Best way to get fingerprints on your lenses

Haiden and my Dad

Likely Suspects

Haiden and her Great Grandmother

Waiting for an oil change

Baby hand

Waiting for dinner to arrive

Haiden gets a visit from Santa

Cleo gets in on the action also

Christmas Morning

Baby Bear on the beach

Marty Kisses

Mommy Kisses


Out of the bath


In the Palm Trees

Haiden and Mommy

At the Park

Easter Bunny Gifts


Pouty Face

Rock and Roll

Being Nice for a Change


Learning to Walk

More Walking

Sleepy Baby


Penguin Play


Haiden Loves Fudruckers

Happy Haiden