Saturday, September 4, 2010

Katie and Gavin

I had the opportunity a while back to do an Engagement/Save-the-Date shoot with Katie and Gavin. We decided to hit up Mt. Pleasant early on a Saturday morning. We first shot along the docks on Shem Creek and behind Vickerys. We then ran down the road and took a few shots outside of Mike's Bikes before we melted in the hot summer sun.

I really appreciate the fact that I was given the chance to get these done for them. They are a beautiful couple and I'm sure will have beautiful little girls and handsome young lumberjacks (beard joke) one day!

You can find the whole set HERE.

It was hard for me not to post all of these. It was a fun time and I wish Katie and Gavin nothing but the best in their upcoming wedding in New Mexico and future lives together!


Just for a little fun!


  1. Thanks Kim! Hopefully I can start doing a lot more of stuff like this when things finally calm down!

  2. Thanks so much again for doing these...we get tons of compliments on your work all the time! I can't say enough good things about our experience with you! My only regret is that you aren't shooting our wedding...