Sunday, November 7, 2010

Turtle Trouble

I was out scouting a few areas for leaves and other shoots for the winter and spring. I was on an access road for Lake Hartwell when I came across this little guy. He appeared to be out enjoying the remaining warmth of the season as he was basking in a sun beam in the road.

I've got a soft spot for these guys because avoiding traffic is impossible for them. When you move at a pace of 1 foot per minute a simple road crossing is a huge risk.

Luckily we happened upon each other and in exchange for a few shots, I moved him to a safer location in the sun. Hopefully he made it somewhere safe for the Winter.

I named him Zippy.

Back away from the shell

After a bit of shell scratching he came around

On the move!

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A little bit of the last of Fall color

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