Sunday, November 6, 2011

Recent Landscapes

I've been in the mood to shoot as of late, so the only things really at my disposal due to work schedules are landscapes. Let me know what you think and constructive/destructive criticism is appreciated! Full res pics are located on my Flickr.

Bridge to Nowhere Series:





This one is my personal favorite of the set. I like the transition from warm yellows and oranges to blues.

Finally a shot of the house late at night. The house is back lit with a streetlight about half way up the driveway and this is about the only angle I can get that does not include the storage buildings. I'll be shooting more from a different location on the property in the near future when the skies are clear.
(I know, I posted this earlier)
Once again, thank you for your support and comments. They are appreciated!

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  1. One of my favorites, nicely done Alan.