Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 January - March

Since I'm running behind a month or eight I'll just break these up into manageable sessions. These Pictures are a few of my favorites from January through March of 2011. Feel free to explore the rest of my photos at my Flickr page.


Fire Brigade
A part of my real job is being part of the Station's Fire Brigade. These are a few pictures from our Annual Training at Gaston College in Gastonia, NC.

A little Barnum & Bailey Action


Old School Toys

Snow Days

Bad hair @ 14mm!

Baby Kisses

A long neck

Stand Off

Running into the Sun

Black Glass


Ultra Macro
(I know it does not look like much but this little guy was about 2.5mm across. This was shot on my 105mm macro with a tube)

Hey Goat!

So Big!

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