Saturday, August 28, 2010

Keowee Keys Fire

I happened upon this fire in near Salem, SC one night a few weeks ago. I saw it as a valuable opportunity to get some photos of real firefighters in action.

This building was a maintenance building for the Keowee Keys Housing Community.No one was injured as the fire occurred at around 11:30pm and the building was unoccupied.

I would like to include a few notes about these shots:

-Take notice of the 2 500 gallon fuel tanks on the front side of the building. The Fire Dept did an excellent job of ensuring that these tanks remained cool and untouched by the fire.

-I did not interfere with any of the Fire Dept's response, control or extinguishment of the fire. It is very important in situations like this to remain as transparent as possible.

-These shots are excellent representations of what the D700 can do with proper post-processing technique in very low light situations.

Thanks for looking! These photos were used on all the local morning news channels and made front page on 1 of the local papers.


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