Monday, August 30, 2010

Pickens Flea Market

I think that I have an affinity for junk. I'm not like a hoarder or anything, I just like to see what some people are willing to throw away but at the same time attach a price tag to it. It's the same concept of antiques.

I love flea markets. I like the people that go to them. I like the interactions between the people there.  I even like the guy with booth that isn't selling anything other than his chance to preach that the country is falling in on it's self with any sort of change. It's all part of the experience.
You'd better have cash. Small bills too because these people "Don't make change!". I'm sure every person out there could find something that they want or need. I try to stay away from vendors there. They somehow manage to get their hands on unopened over the counter medication and "As Seen on TV" merchandise. You don't need any of that.

You also need to get there early. Skip breakfast. You can find it there. I try to get there a little before 7am. I park the truck and start walking the rows. I usually start fiending for a cup of coffee at about 7:15 or so. Not to worry! You can either go to a concession stand or just wait for the snack cart (a modified golf cart) to come to you. For about a dollar you can get a hot cup of coffee and a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Don't go overboard because there is more food to come.

I wander about in a precise manner. I make sure I get to every booth and try to glance at everything. This isn't like Wal-Mart. At Wal-Mart if you need an oil filter for a 2000 F-250 you know you need to head to the automotive section. At the flea market you might find that oil filter in a box of Barbie Doll parts labeled as Aristocrat Vodka. My point being that you have to thorough with your scanning.

You'll find some gems out there and might even make a friend or two. A smile and some conversation goes a long way. The more of that you do the lower prices become. Being rude or insulting might double the price.

Looking for some entertainment? Head toward the middle of the mass and you'll find a covered tent with about 10-15 extremely aged old men and women belting out mostly bluegrass and gospel music on guitars, banjos, harmonicas and a washtub bass. If you are real luck there will be a guy there with a pig on a rope that will let you pet it. He's a good pig.

When it's all said and done, you've seen everything. Time to go, right? Not yet. Time for second breakfast or brunch as some people call it. Head over to the taco truck for some delicious eats. These places may have gotten a bad rap a while back for sub-standard cleanliness, but the ones I've been to lately are spotless. You might have to endure some communication barriers, but as long as you keep your smile on things will work out. I usually get a few tacos and a Mexican soda. Can't go wrong with Sangria Soda.
When it's all said and done it's probably somewhere around 10:30 and you've got the rest of the day to enjoy your new acquisitions.



  1. You take a pretty mean picture Alan. I might have to get you to do some stuff for my son.

  2. Which flea market do you go to? I too love to head to the flea market/ yard sales on Saturday mornings. Found some good stuff today. Best flea market Ive ever been to is in Savannah- its just off 95 so if you are ever down there make sure you check it out!

  3. This is the Pickens County Flea Market. I guess I forgot to include that this thing goes down on Wednesday mornings vice the normal Saturday.

    I like it because to me it's more like a Flea Market should be. People selling their old junk and not reselling cheap imported products.

    Thanks Katie! Anytime, we'll set something up!